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What Your Interpreting Team Says About You, Your Products and Business

Does your interpretation team project an image of professionalism that boosts your brand?

It goes without saying your interpreters need to be at the top of their game. For example, your consecutive Japanese interpreters need to be native speakers with the right skills, qualifications and industry experience. Interpretation service companies generally do a good job of ensuring the right interpreters are assigned to the right job.

However, this is simply NOT good enough for your business negotiations! The reason is because you are marketing and selling yourself, your products and your business when you sit down with your opposite number.

I want you to close your eyes for a moment and imagine the time when you interviewed a candidate for a particular job. The candidate was invited to the interview because they were pre-qualified. In other words, the candidate was evaluated as the right person for the right job. Unfortunately, the moment the candidate stepped through the door, you determined to continue your search for the right person. Maybe, you’ve even been in the position of the candidate, as most of us have been at one time or another, when you sensed the interview heading downhill having said nary a word.

In business negotiations, essentially the same process is at play. As an experienced business person, I am sure you understand this process and use it to your advantage. But, what about your interpretation team?

As I write this article, the story I read on Twitter of a court interpreter comes to mind. On entering the court, the smartly dressed language interpreter was asked if she was a lawyer for the defense. Another true story that demonstrates the importance of loading your team with professional language interpreters - After completing a 4 hour interpretation engagement, the client’s host, a Japanese multinational conglomerate, were so impressed they offered our Japanese English interpretation team a job on the spot. Right in the presence of our client!

Interpreters are part of your team in multilingual business negotiations. When you stack your team with professional interpreters, you boost confidence in You, Your Products and Your Business.

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