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Japanese Interpreting Service FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What languages do you interpret? »
What type of interpretation do you provide? »
What's the difference between consecutive and simultaneous interpretation? »
Who will be interpreting for me? »

Japanese Interpreting Service FAQ

Can I meet my interpreters beforehand? »
Do you think I could get a...? »
I need an interpretation quote - What should I do? »
How do I place an interpretation order? »
How can I pay? »
Do you have cancellation fees? »

What languages do you interpret?
SAECULII focuses exclusively on English to Japanese, and Japanese English interpretation.

This is the reason you can be sure of high quality Japanese interpretation which have resulted in a 93% Repeat Customer Rate.

What type of interpretation do you provide?

Difference between consecutive and simultaneous interpretation
Read this short, informative article on the different types of interpretation, and what type is best for your requirements. Click Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation - The Difference »

Who will be interpreting for me?
Only native English Japanese interpreters.

Your project manager will provided team member profiles for you to review before the interpretation engagement starts. Naturally, you can request different interpreters should you feel it necessary.

Can I meet my interpreters beforehand for an interview?
You most certainly can!

However, do note that since interpreters will not be able to work on other jobs by meeting you, you will be required to compensate interpreters for their time.

Do you think I could get ...?
Please do NOT contact us if you're looking for:

  • Escorts or any other type of seedy characters.
  • Show Girls, Eye Candy or Booth Babes for your trade booth.
  • Young university girls.
ALL our interpreters are highly educated, qualified and experienced professionals.

Interpretation Quotes
The easiest and fatest way to get a free, no obligation quote is to submit your request online or directly email your request. Click here for the details »

We respond pretty fast to quote requests, in most cases within one hour during business hours.

Ordering Interpretation
Placing an order for interpretation engagements is pretty easy & straight forward:
  1. Simply email in acceptance of the quote provided.
  2. The engagement will be initiated upon order confirmation.
  3. Details for the engagement will be coordinated and finalized.
  4. Your interpreter will meet you for the engagement.

Need specifics? Click here for the details »

Payment Methods
Payment can be made via:
  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal.com (including with credit cards)

Details will be provided you as necessary.

Please discuss with your project manager in advance any special requirements you may have.

Do you have cancellation fees?
The following fees will apply when a confirmed interpretation engagement is cancelled:
  • 40% - 4 days before
  • 60% - 3 days before
  • 80% - 2 days before
  • 100% - Thereafter
The number of days will be determined when notification is received, calculated 18:00 JST (Japan Standard Time).

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